‘TRUST NO ONE’ trends amid Wilbert Tolentino, Zeinab Harake controversy

Monday was filled with “hot tea” after the clash of former friends vloggers Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake broke out on the night of October 23, until it became trending and did not subside until the night of October 24.

This started when Wilbert reacted to Zeinab’s cryptic post. Because of this, Wilbert released a revelation regarding Zeinab’s insults to fellow vloggers/influencers, by posting “receipts” or screenshots of what she said about Whamoz Cruz, Toni Fowler, and even celebrities Robi Domingo, friends Jelai Andres, Ivana Alawi, and Alex Gonzaga.


It branched out until Toni Fowler, Whamoz Cruz, and other influencers spoke and expressed their reaction regarding the issue.

Zeinab didn’t hold back and also released her revelation about Wilbert.

Because of this, “TRUST NO ONE” appeared on Twitter and started trending. It is said that what happened showed that there are people who should not be trusted, even if you consider someone your closest friend.


Here are some of the netizens’ comments about the feud between Wilbert and Zeinab.

‘TRUST NO ONE’ trends amid Wilbert Tolentino, Zeinab Harake controversy

“You should never put your trust in anyone, even if they are a friend or family member because they will betray you in the end; instead, trust yourself so that no one will betray you. Zeinab Harake, Toni Fowler, Wilbert Tolentino.”

“Zeinab and Wil issue, tell us that we should not trust anyone. No one! Pag secrets are secrets, mag-away man kayo ng kaibigan mo, mabanas ka man sa kabobohan niyan, mapikon sa ugali. If you know how to value a friendship, you’ll keep that secret no matter what happens.”


“this z and wil issue simply tells us that we should not trust anyone, no one! I am not against sir wil but exposing your dm’s is so high school, meanwhile yes zeinab may have backstab or utter ngative things abt those ppl but i still don’t think that’s enough reason to be vulgar.”

“People are attacking Zeinab as if di nila natry mangback stab sa buong buhay nila. Ang lilinis nyo naman po. Moral of the issue: TRUST NO ONE.”

“You really can’t trust no one these days.”

Meanwhile, netizens are still waiting to see how this issue will turn out, and which other influencers will ride in the issue.

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