The Most Shocking Things that Have Ever Been Found Inside Animals

Domesticated or feral animals never fail to bemuse or bewilder people. Mischievous and curious by nature, they are guilty of scratching, gnawing, and eating all the wrong things! 

If you are under the impression that your pets are weird for chewing on the cushion covers, you may be in for a shock. The animal kingdom is full of species that have eaten lots of weird things over time. 


This article lists some of the strangest things that have been found in animal stomachs. These notorious animals did not hesitate before devouring their self-declared delicacies. Read on to learn more. 

The Most Shocking Things that Have Ever Been Found Inside Animals
Image Source: Los Angeles Times

Medieval Armor

Sharks are predatory giants who have secured a position for themselves at the top of the marine food chain. 

This explains their enormous appetite, and why a great white shark may have engulfed an entire suit of armor.


Lots of Socks

A 3-year-old great dane had to be rushed to the vet after swallowing socks. His X-ray revealed that he had swallowed 43 and a half socks. 

No wonder he was retching and moaning in pain. Unfortunately, he had to get his stomach pumped.

A Light Bulb

A light bulb was excavated from a puppy's stomach. Thankfully, the little guy did not mash the bulb into pieces. 


While it would've led to a difficult surgery to remove all the glass shards, swallowing the light bulb as a whole saved his life. Of course, it also made for a really cool X-ray!

A Woman 

Soon after 46-year-old Cindy Waldronas went missing in New South Wales, Australia, her body was found in an enormous crocodile's stomach. 

She was walking in knee-deep water along Thornton Beach around 10:00 P.M. with her friend, a cancer survivor. 

Who knew celebrating her friend's cancer recovery by the beach could lead to such a tragic story?

A Pile of Nails

When Hooch the hound kept throwing up, his worried owner drove him to the vet. Dogs eat strange things all the time, but what the X-ray revealed baffled the owner. 

Hooch had eaten nails. It couldn't have been easy, or enjoyable. But, he swallowed not one or two, but a whole pile of nails.

An Adult Deer

Typically, alligators tear their food into portions that fit their mouth before devouring their meals. 

This is why taxidermist Ken Owens was shocked to see an entirely intact female deer when he dissected a half-ton alligator. How the gator consumed a 115-pound adult doe in one bite is quite the mystery.

Mummified Baby Crocodiles

It is common knowledge that ancient Egyptians used to mummify crocodiles

But, when experts cut into a full-size mummified crocodile, they did not imagine finding these mummified baby crocodiles. 

It seems the 10-feet mummified crocodile has been housing the little mummies for hundreds of years. 

A Pet Parrot

A family could not find their parrot until they stepped outside and saw a snake. It had preyed on their pet parrot. 

The slithery predator was found halfway through his feathery when the family discovered the crime scene. 

They took a photograph and sent it to Australian snake catcher Stuart McKenzie.

Almost 1,000

The Most Shocking Things that Have Ever Been Found Inside Animals
Image Source: AOL

A 25-year-old sea turtle named Omsin was residing in a public pond in Thailand's Chonburi province where he feasted on hundreds of coins thrown into the pond by tourists. 

She was carrying 11 pounds of coins until the unusual weight cracked her shell. Even though the initial seven-hour surgery was successful, she passed away from 2 weeks later. 

A Ticking Bomb

When a Chinese fisherman caught this three-foot squid, he did not know that this would be his deadliest catch. Why? you may ask. 

When they struck a knife into the squid, the knife hit something much harder than the insides of a squid. It was a ticking live bomb, which could go off any minute if wrongly handled.

The Bottom Line

This complication of strange things found in animal stomachs resulted in some surprising revelations. 

There's truly no way to find out what these animals were thinking when they ate this weird assortment of items. Similarly, how some of the items ended up is unfathomable.