MTRCB would have rated Toni Fowler’s ‘MPL’ music video an ‘X’

The music video for “MPL” by Freshbreed and content producer Toni Fowler has received a statement from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MRTCB).

This comes after the MTRCB received several complaints over the weekend about the clip’s profane nature.


“In an online article published by Bandera, one of the personalities that appeared therein, Ms. Papi Galang, was quoted alleging that the song ‘MPL’ and its music video was rated as STRONG PARENTAL GUIDANCE (SPG),” the statement said.

“The MTRCB wishes to inform the public that MPL did not undergo MTRCB review and classification, hence, it was not given any rating by the Board,” it added.

The MTRCB emphasized that the music video would have received an “X” or a “Not for Public Exhibition” classification if the board had been given the chance to review it.


“We appeal to Ms. Galang, to be circumspect in her statements, and for news organizations such as Bandera to practice responsible journalism by fact-checking their reports before publication, as the public may be led to believe that the MTRCB had given its highest allowable rating for airing content on television to the said material,” the board said.

The MTRCB concluded its statement by reminding the public that they could flag or report any information they felt was offensive or improper using the report or flag feature on YouTube and other internet platforms.

MTRCB would have rated Toni Fowler’s ‘MPL’ music video an ‘X’

“We are working on proposed amendments to our charter that is both fair to the creative industry and mindful of the needs of the Filipino viewing public.”


Meanwhile, MTRCB will reevaluate the fictional movie “Plane” after some senators raised concern for supposedly putting the Philippines in bad light.

In a statement on Thursday, MTRCB chair Diorella Maria Sotto-Antonio acknowledged the sentiments expressed by senators concerning the film.

“Although the film is fictional, we still would not want our country to be portrayed in a negative and inaccurate light,” she said.

“The MTRCB will reevaluate the film in view of their concerns and will take all necessary measures if found to be in any way injurious to the prestige of the Philippines or its people,” she added.

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