Meet These 10 Smartest Animals in the World

If you love animals then you must agree that some of them are actually pretty smart. Although, humans pride themselves as being the smartest species on the planet, there are a few animals that have proven to be of high intelligence.

Some animals tend to have cognitive abilities that could match that of humans, or even surpass them. Others even have the ability to learn new things, imitate people, and grasp the different symbols in a language. 


If you take a look at dogs alone, you can understand what we are talking about. Dogs have the ability to know their owners intimately, understand different commands, and even protect them in different circumstances. Read on to learn about some of the smartest animals.

Meet These 10 Smartest Animals in the World
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Big elephants are actually pretty smart. They are famously known for their excellent memories, and they also boast of having emotional as well as mental complexities which makes them some of the most intelligent animals



We all absolutely love to watch dolphins jump up and down in the ocean, but that is not all they are good for, dolphins are known for their curiosity, sociable skills, cooperation, and empathy. You can learn plenty from them. 


It is a well-known fact that chimpanzees almost resemble humans. They share most of their intellectual abilities with humans as well. Chimpanzees can learn signs from the American Sign Language, and they are also capable of playing some computer games. 


Pigs may seem like dirty animals, but they are way smarter than you may realize, they are perhaps some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. 


Many pigs can figure out how to undo latches on their pens and they go ahead to even undo those of their brethren as well. When called, pigs will always come and they can be trained to do some tricks.


Nobody can dispute how smart cats are. Cats are always well aware of their mental agility and the domesticated cats can even figure out how to use door handles and even open doors. Most cats even know their names. 

Crows and Ravens

They may seem irritating at times when you just want some quiet, but there is certainly much more to the spooky raven and crafty crow. These animals have an amazing ability to recognize faces, and they can identify specific aspects of humans. 

Additionally, they can hold a grudge, and they always show preference to people who treat them well. 


An octopus may lack a backbone, but did you know that it has three hearts? These hearts pump their copper-based blood all over their body, and scientists say that octopuses demonstrate craftiness and determination in their nature.  


Raccoons are surprisingly human-like.  This is clearly evidenced if you ever watch them sifting through the garbage and nibbling on something. You could even be convinced that they have a certain intelligence to them.

They also have very clever problem-solving skills and are very clever when sourcing for food. They are also frequently used in labs for research. 


They look surprisingly similar to apes, but the orangutan has remarkable intelligence and the ability to understand the concepts of the future. They actually make plans for it, and researchers, observe them stashing objects to use later on. 

This piling up can be used later on as ammunition. They include stones that they can throw at their enemies and they usually plan out their travel routes well in advance.


Meet These 10 Smartest Animals in the World
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One thing everyone knows about ants is how organized they are. The most surprising thing is that an ant on its own isn’t particularly smart, but in a group they are unbeatable. They have impressive abilities to collaborate and organize searches for food.

Ants will collectively form a high and efficient working complex that forages and searches for food for the community. Ants are without a doubt extremely efficient and they are also able to process and collect information about their surroundings.


This clearly shows that animal enthusiasts are right about one thing – animals are precious and should be protected at all costs. Not only do they fill our lives with joy, but they are also incredibly intelligent as shown by the review above.