Kris Lawrence says smearing icing on someone’s face ‘normal thing’

If social star and TV personality Alex Gonzaga now being criticized following her alleged rude smearing of cake icing on a server at his birthday party recently, singer Kris Lawrence is now all defense.

This is what many netizens noticed after the singer gave his thoughts on a story related to the Instagram issue.


While Alex is now getting condemnation from the left and right, Kris Lawrence believes that the incident was “normal” and the netizens were all negative.

“People always have something negative to say. Let's fast forward and after this event that waiter just went viral will probably get ‘somehing' after and a LOT of sympathy, Most recognition he ever got as a waiter,” the singer commented on Alex Gonzaga's controversial issue.

He added, “So after all the noise, I'm sure he will be grateful that this happened. Looks like people just like to extract the negative out of things instead of positive.”


Many netizens did not like this statement by Kris Lawrence, who they said was “very out of touch” and far from sympathizing with the waiter involved.

Kris Lawrence says smearing icing on someone's face ‘normal thing'

“1. “Most recognition he ever got as a waiter”?????? 2. “Im sure he will be grateful that this happened” ?????? OKAY WOW THIS IS JUST SO OUT OF TOUCH. Iba talaga pag privileged pwedeng apak-apakan ang mga tao 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼,” one netizen said Kris.

“Yup. After all this controversy and noise is out of the way. Just watch,” Kris Lawrence immediately responded.


“She was clearly tipsy and it all comes down to intention. She was probably trying to have ‘fun.' It's how each one perceives it. For all we know she probably already said sorry. I'm not justifying her actions, but I just don't agree with everyone making it such a negative thing. It will all turn out Great though – that, I'm sure of. When he goes to work tomorrow…he'll be ‘the man.' And it's not like his life is in danger cuz of some cake on the face,” the singer further added.

People felt bad for the server known as “Allan” after Alex Gonzaga made a bad joke and treated him in a “rude” way at the height of her birthday party.

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