3 men picked up sunflowers for girlfriends arrested

Three men were jailed after picking up sunflowers planted by the local Iloilo City government.

The suspects, alias “Rene,” “Markus,” and “Makoy were arrested by the Iloilo City local government unit (LGU) on Saturday.


Rene and Markus admitted that they would give the sunflowers to their “special someone.” Markus even said he would plant plants in exchange for his release.

Makoy, meanwhile, denied that he picked up the sunflower. He said the flower fell, and he just picked it up from the ground.

The three men are facing malicious mischief charges.


The area was once a vacant lot and a dump before the LGU planted sunflowers.

Up to 3 million Grab passengers get refund, P1.50 each

Grab Philippines will refund its passengers the over P5 million of their fines to the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) for alleged high fare charges.


Recently, Grab paid P23.45 million because its fares were higher than what the PCC has set. More than P5 million of the fines would have to be returned to the passengers.

The PCC order is dated November 14, 2019, and Grab has two months or 60 days to refund its passengers.

Grab’s estimated 3 million passengers from February to May 2019 will receive a refund.

Each affected passenger is expected to receive approximately P1.50.