10 Animals Out There that Are Rarely Ever Seen

Mother Nature is always brimming with surprises. It’s hard to believe how many incredible and diverse species live on our planet! You may think you’ve seen the world all over, under, around, and through, but there’ll always be wonders to discover. 

Even if you’re a dedicated animal enthusiast, you can’t honestly expect to know all the different kinds of animal species found on Earth today! 


In addition, by the time you finish reading this text, new animal species may be discovered, so there will always be some new surprises for us out there. Read on to learn more about these animals that are rarely seen.

10 Animals Out There that Are Rarely Ever Seen
Image source: en.wikipedia.org


“The Ti-Liger”, says Danielle Radin, a journalist, and ethologist, “is one of the planet’s rarest animals“. Indeed, this man-made mix of a liger and a tiger is barely spotted. 

There is one in Oroville, California, she says, as well as overall around the globe somewhere between six and ten. 


Because they are typically far larger than the typical tiger cub, the species don’t have their hybrid peers’ health issues, which suggests their population can increase.

Panda Ant

The Mutillidae are a group of more than 3,000 species of wasps whose wingless females resemble huge, hairy ants. They’re known for their extremely painful stings. They are found in Chile, and they have common names of “cow killer” or “cow ant”. 

Because of their hair coloration, black and white specimens are sometimes referred to as panda ants, which resemble that of the Chinese giant panda.



Vaquita is the rarest marine animal in the world, which was found in 1958 and has since been pushed to near extinction. Featuring wide gray fins and a dark ring around his eyes, but they will swim away rapidly when approached.


The saola, discovered in 1992, is a rare mammalian breed native to Vietnam. The creature is sometimes referred to as the “Asian unicorn” with two long, parallel horns. 

Similar to an antelope – functionally related to cattle – the saola is found only in the Annamite Mountains of Vietnam and Laos, making their population unknown to researchers in exact figures.

Hector’s Dolphin

Hector’s dolphins are the rarest and the world’s smallest marine dolphin. Such unusual dolphins are found only in the waters of New Zealand’s North Island, with small, husky bodies and distinctive facial markings.


Salps are planktonic tunicates that feed into the water from CO2 and pump it into their transparent bodies. We should probably all say thank you to them because they also reduce the levels of carbon in water and in air.

Borneo Pygmy Elephant

The Borneo pygmy elephant are known to be the gentlest of its Asian elephant cousins. They have huge paws, bulging, and a tail that is too long for its body, sometimes dragging behind it on the ground. 

Despite its cuteness and its status as the smallest elephants in all of Asia, the Borneo pygmy is critically endangered as a result of poaching and deforestation, placing its total population at around 1,500.

Mantis Shrimp

Often referred to as “sea locusts”, “prawn killers”, and even “thumb splitters”, this is one of the most common predators in tropical and subtropical waters. However, less is known about them because of how much time they spend hiding in their burrow.

Pacu Fish 

You probably don’t need much clarification as to why Papua New Guinea residents call this fish a “target cutter”. Local fishermen were very worried about their testicles’ health when they had to get into the sea!

Monkey-Eating Eagle

10 Animals Out There that Are Rarely Ever Seen
Image source: bbc.co.uk

This native of the Philippines, previously known as the “Monkey-eating eagle”, is one of the toughest prey birds, able to use its powerful beak to kill monkeys, snakes, and lizards.

Nevertheless, despite being called the Philippine National Eagle, this eagle has faced significant population pressures over the past 40 years due to deforestation and extreme weather, leaving them with a population below 300.


The animal kingdom is a wonderful place. It is full of colorful creatures that freely swim, fly, run, walk, and roam around the Earth. Unfortunately, there are a lot of species on the verge of extinction, including those that you may not even have heard of. 

However, start researching more about the animals mentioned above and get a real scoop of how they live in the wild!